Project Details

iWell - Distributed Temperature Sensing (DTS) Solutions

We offer complete end-to-end solutions for upstream DTS (Distributed Temperature Sensing).


Realtime DTS data collections and transfer


We provide interfaces with many DTS data collection hardware vendors for DTS data collections. We then provide realtime data transfer to the DTS server for further processing.



DTS data storage and management


We provide big DTS data management and file/DB based storage.



DTS data visualization, standard and customizations


We provide online SaaS based DTS data visualization services, through web browser, no client side installation is needed.

5 visualizations are standard:


DTS temperature trace views

DTS heatmap views

DTS trace-over-time views

DTS delta temperature with reference trace over depth.

DTS delta temperature with reference trace at given depth over time period.


Any custom visualizations such as derivatives can be added upon request.


A set of saved plots can be found at .